So gang, as part of our build up to the 2024 BBQ season and having had our hands on it for the last couple of months, we are pleased to announce that we have a new product available online.

BLAK FIRE by Matthew Burgess (or Matblak to his friends) is a devilishly moreish affair and as we proceed into the warmer months, we shall be talking a lot more about the concept, its different uses and about the man himself, who is a proud New Zealand Maori Chef and who knows more than a little bit about cooking with fire.

To kick off proceedings and to launch this very special Spiced Soy Chilli Sauce, we have the perfect recipe, formulated by Mat, to help you to begin exploring the possibilities of this fine condiment. To dip your toe in the water in other words.

As you will see, there are two approaches available here and we do recommend the smoking route - especially if you have some cherrywood to hand. But having tested this extensively, we must admit that you do get some great results from the oven too.

Perhaps the clever trick here is the combination of the sauce with coffee, salt and sugar to give a base flavour of tangy umami. Then again, it could also be down to the addition of chives, extra sauce and crushed peanuts at the end, as added texture to compliment the very juicy and succulent pork.

We made mention of ‘dipping toes’ earlier didn’t we? Well, after getting stuck in, best that we also mention that fingers, wrists and elbows will need some slurping on afterwards.

Hey, it’s all glorious stuff though. As all good food should be.

INGREDIENTS - serves 4 | Prep time 20 mintues | Total time 3.5 hours

4tbs BLAK FIRE chilli sauce

50ml olive oil

1tbs ground coffee

2 whole pork loin ribs

2tbs brown sugar

½tsp salt

1tbs finely sliced chives

2tbs crushed salted peanuts


Evenly pour over the olive oil onto both sides of the ribs, massaging thoroughly into the meat.

Mix the brown sugar, salt and ground coffee

Sprinkle liberally over both sides of the ribs

Set up your BBQ for indirect cooking, opening both dampers.

The when temperature gauge reaches 160-180 C place your ribs on the BBQ

Place onto the coals a couple of your favourite fruit wood chunks.

Close the lid and keep an eye on the temperature, regulate the temp between 140-160C. Cook for 1 hour

After 1 hour wrap each rack in foil, before you wrap them you have an opportunity to get some real flavour working into the meat. Then add a tablespoon of melted butter, 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of the BLAKFIRE sauce. 

Wrap the rib carefully, place back onto BBQ and continue to cook for another 2-2½ hours. 

Remove from BBQ and take off the foil, brush or mop on your heated sauce over both sides of the ribs, finish by dousing the ribs in more BLAKFIRE, sprinkling sliced chives and crushed peanuts.

NOTE – if you don’t have a BBQ these can be done in the oven, set temperature to 180c and cook for 1 hour, repeating the second stage as per the BBQ method.

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