We have all been there. Whether you are perusing some shelves, staring up at a board or presented with a menu, when it comes to food, it can sometimes be a minefield.

And when it comes to our burgers, even with the small range that we have online at Turner & George, the 'paradox of choice' can be...well, it can sometimes be paralyzing.

Which is why we have now built a little bundle for our customers called The T&G Burger Taster Box just in time for the summer and all generously discounted against buying individually.

Our approach to burgers at T&G has always been simple. With no additives, flavourings or extra ingredients, we let the beef do all the talking.

But it has to be said, each of our signature burgers does vary in style and taste, according to the blend and cow selected. And for the uninitiated, the breakdown is as follows:

Black Label - Choice cuts of native breed beef are ground together with bone marrow in our most popular burger. We use absolutely no seasoning. We prefer to let the beef do the talking.

Blue Label - These burgers are made using a single coarse grind, adding extra aged fat and forming each burger by hand. Not for the faint hearted they're rich and deep in flavour.

White Label - Made from a mix of steak trim and rib cap from our UK dairy cattle. Packed with flavour and if you can get hold of some Ogleshield cheese to top it all off, you will achieve burger nirvana.

So why not order a box today and get your laughing gear around our Black, Blue and White burgers this weekend. You could even hold a small gathering, compare notes and scrutinise over some refreshing beverages - it's going to be a hot one!

Or you could simply try all three burgers to yourself, and all at once.

'Choose Life' as we like to say at Turner & George.

Although 'Choose Burgers' might be more fitting for the t-shirt.

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