Turner & George are going Sarf of the River

Turner & George are going Sarf of the River

Grab your diaries folks because this week, on Friday 18th November, we are opening up our second outlet within the grand surroundings of Greensmiths; a grocery store and café situated on one of London’s oldest and best-loved market streets, Lower Marsh in Waterloo.

Turner & George second shop at Greensmiths on Lower Marsh, London, SE1.

Working in partnership with this esteemed food and drink hub over at SE1, we are very excited to be bringing the meat to the table and to be offering our range of cuts and joints, all ethically sourced from suppliers and farms that reflect our own meticulous attitude to rearing and taste.

Our shiny new unit, all decked out in typical T&G style, is situated in the basement at 27 Lower Marsh and we will be on hand to advise, guide and prepare cuts fresh off the block.

You will also find a selection of cured meats, stocks and gravies, and the usual goodies for you to pop into your basket (alongside all the other seasonal goods and ingredients that are available within the shop.)

There's plenty more in the pipeline with regards to Greensmiths, the shop and working with the local community - think events, classes and Sunday social sessions.

Plus, we are looking to make our own stamp within the historic market itself.

So, watch this space.

Exciting times then and we look forward to seeing customers, regular and new, come down to visit us.

And in celebration of our latest venture, on Friday and Saturday, we shall be cracking open a few bottles of wine too.

You know, once the sun's over the yardarm and all that – but maybe sooner.

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