So, here we are folks. We've made the switch over at Turner and George today and migrated our website to a shiny new e-commerce engine.

It's been a quite a journey over the last few months and we have been making a lot of last minute checks behind the scenes this week, as well as sharpening up the knives, scrubbing down the blocks and pruning our collective beards by way of a proper tidy up.

And all in time for Halloween, what could go wrong?

Turner & George's new website on mobile phone

But, to be fair, it really should be business as normal - although we do hope that you will notice some of the subtle changes that we've made.

For one, we have simplified the ordering process and made the shopping basket a lot more intuitive for customers to use.

After ordering, you will also find that the tracking your package, from beginning to end, is clearer and up to date.

In terms of delivering rich content and inspiration for all you food lovers out there, we can now imbed how to guides and videos, to help you get the most out of your cuts and joints. Check out our Grassroots page for instance, where we have farmer James Evans showing off his pride of cattle, all raised using regenerative farming techniques.

That is just the start of things and there are plenty more developments in the pipeline.

We are pretty confident that everything is in working order but if you do find any issues, please email us at

We are on standby to help.

So please, have a look around, have a shop and let us know what you think.

And with regards to our Christmas page, that will be going live at the end of the week.

Cheers people!
Team T&G

(Excuse the lunch in the picture by the way, A Black Label burger was calling after all that hard work!)

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