The Turner & George Christmas page is now live!

The Turner & George Christmas page is now live!

Turner & George Christmas Bronze Turkey

This is it! This is the moment you have been waiting for all year! 

The Turner & George Christmas 2023 page is now live!

Yes, it has taken a while for us to get locked in. But having crossed the country to visit various farmers and to scrutinise their herds and flocks, in all weathers - and with often intensive conversations, complete with hand gestures and finger counting - we have finally got things over the line.

As a result, we are pleased to say that we shall be teaming up with Herb Fed once more this year for our turkeys, with goose being sourced from Wiltshire and gammons from Ripon.

Pre-order slots running up to Saturday 23rd December are available but please do make a note that orders including any Christmas poultry can only be delivered from Wednesday 20th December.

If you do make your order and wish to add to it (because we all sometimes forget things in a rush) do drop us a line at and we can update it for you.

In the meantime, look out for features, guides and recipe tips on the run up to the big event - including a showstopper from Richard H. Turner and advice on what to do with your leftovers (if that is even a thing in your house).

And if Thanksgiving is on the agenda for Thursday 23rd November, you can get a turkey in for the occasion but please do get your order in by the close of Monday 13th November.


Turner & George Christmas Pigs In Blankets

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