The fillets taken from Spanish ex-dairy cattle, left to roam Basque country pasture until they're between 8 and 12 years old. A little less intense than the Galician beef, the steaks still pack a punch flavour with a nice marbling.


  1. Ensure the cut is at room temperature by removing from the fridge at least 2 hours before cooking.
  2. Get your grill or pan smoking hot.
  3. At the last minute, season well with our Great Cow Rub - use a tiny bit of oil or none at all, if the grill or pan is hot enough, it won't stick.
  4. Stick your steak on! Levae for a couple of mins to get a good colour then turn. Keep turning regularly to avoid burning. Cook for:

    250g steak
    Medium-rare: 6-8 minutes
    Medium: 8-10 minutes

    350g steak:
    Medium-rare: 8-10 minutes
    Medium: 10-12 minutes

  5. Rest on a warm plate, not too hot to touch, for at least 10 minutes
  6. Tuck in and enjoy!

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