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The T&G Original BBQ Box is an evergreen favourite and easily packs enough punch for eight people.

However, for up and coming round of Bank Holidays in May 2023, we have mixed things up a touch and you can now order an additional ‘low and slow’ joint alongside at 10% off - which delivers the perfect option for grazing throughout the day.

Lamb Shoulder cooked low and slow on the BBQ is always a great shout - especially if you get a good marinade going overnight first. You could try this treatment using anchovy, capers and rosemary or you could head off with some cumin, coriander seeds and paprika for Middle Eastern kick. 

Main box contents: 8 x Black Label burgers. 2 x 4pk brioche buns. 6 x Le Pig sausages. 6 x Spicy Pigs. 2 x pork loin ribs. 1kg bavette. 1 x South Carolina sauce. 1 x Great Cow Rub

Additional low and slow cut

Lamb Shoulder – 2.5kg


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