The Chop Room at Turner & George, SE1 - Friday 8th March

The Chop Room at Turner & George, SE1 - Friday 8th March

It's been fairly quiet on the Western Front but we are pleased to announce that our pop-ups over at Greensmiths, SE1 are set to start again. And as you might expect, a FEASTival of meat is on the agenda.

Kicking off on Friday 8th March and aptly named The Chop Room, an exciting set menu for the evening has been developed by Chef Jack Le Strange, who is currently working at Manteca.

Beef, duck and pork feature as the main stars of the show, and having worked with Jack on some other events last year (including Meatopia), we are very happy to be collaborating with him once again. The man definitely knows his way around steak and how to cook it. Just check out his menu below:

Beef rump | Fried thyme |Horseradish.

Duck |Fermented rhubarb | Duck sauce
Pork chop | Preserved apple | Pork sauce

Custard and nutmeg tart

Grilled hispi cabbage
Beef fat potatoes

(Rest assured that this has been thoroughly taste-tested btw)

If that wasn't enough, we will also be presenting The Market Blackboard with a selection of native breed cuts and chops to share as an extra option - all sourced ethically and all aged to perfection. Pricing will be set per kilo, and you just need to show us how big you want to go.

(Just demonstrate with your hands and say 'Ooooh, about that much please.')

Tickets are £40 per head for the set menu and a selection of alcohol and soft drinks will be also available to purchase on the night. Due to expected popular demand, please note that there will be two sittings - one at 6pm and one at 8pm.

We are hoping that this will be the start of a beautiful series of events with Jack over at Lower Marsh, with revolving menus and themes continuing throughout the year.

However, kudos always comes from being able to say that you were at the very first one - so make sure you get booked in quick!


The Chop Room at Turner & George, SE1 - Friday 8th March

27 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RG

Get ready for a proper slap up (around the chops)

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