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Sign up to the Turner & George newsletter to get 10% off your order

Happy New Year folks!

We certainly hope that you had an excellent break and that Father Christmas brought you everything you and your family could have wished for. 

Perhaps most importantly, we also hope that all the festive feasting went down well. Admittedly, once we shut the doors at EC1 and SE1 on Christmas Eve, a certain sense of ennui and fatigue creeps in.

But we have to say, having seen some of the dishes that were being cranked out on December 25th, using proper cuts and birds from the T&G stable, there was some renewed vim and vigour to do something special for New Years Eve. 

Having spotted a certain BBQ technique on socials, we had a crack at this infamous rolled ribeye and bone marrow ‘Catherine Wheel’ that is doing the rounds and it came out rather well.

T&G Rolled Rib of Beef with Bone Marrow

We’ll bring the skinny soon and it has definitely given us the motivation to lead with some adventurous fire cooking in 2024 and to share with our customer base. We are all very much a like minded bunch in that regard and given the connection to Meatopia (have you got your ticket yet?) it would be remiss of us not to.

With other plans in mind, we shall also be ramping up our events over at EC1 and SE1, developing some new products for the website - especially sausages and BBQ bundles. Not forgetting creating extra incentives for customers such bolstering our loyalty scheme and building birthday rewards.

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Get them signed up and let's get 2024 going!

Let's light the fuse!

Team T&G

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