Beat January with Steak, Chips & Wine from Turner and George

Beat January with Steak, Chips & Wine from Turner and George

Picture of Turner and George triple cooked chips, a 1kg Porterhouse and a bottle of Claret from St John
Having done some market research last week, we have discovered that our own customer base very much has the same mindset that nestles within our own collective craniums here at T&G.

In a very broad survey, we asked a series of very general questions about how people felt after all the festive celebrations. Such as the comedown that impacts upon putting the decorations away, and the prospect of starting the new year afresh. And the feedback was all too familiar.

January is long, grey and dull. The impetus to dress up and go out dining is diminished as a result. Belts need to be tightened and in some respects, also loosened. We hear that.

However, there was a sense that there should be some snippets of enjoyment to be had, even if it were to be done in the comfort of your own home. We hear that too.

Which is why we have conjured up a special box especially for the first month of the year, that comes with a range of benefits to help combat the winter blues.

The contents are actually simple and come in the form of steak, chips and red wine.

But we are talking about a 1kg prime cut of Porterhouse here. Along with some thick cut potato chips, ready for a third cook and to be finished in aged beef fat. All to be paired with a handsome bottle of Claret from one of our favorite restaurants in London.

In our honest opinion, that is all you really need and this is the prescription we are writing out for ourselves for the rest of the month.

You can thank us when you come out the other side!

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