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About Us: Butcher & Chef

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade – he’s a keen advocate of traditional cutting methods and butchery.

Together, they formed Turner & George to bring back to the high street the same quality and consistency of meat found in Richard’s kitchens.

There’s a bit of meat to their relationship. Together, they founded the East London Steak Company in 2010, and with strong demand hammering at their door Turner & George was born. This artisan butcher’s shop is a haven for food enthusiasts, both online and over the counter at their shop on St John Street, Angel.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to eat meat that has been ethically reared. Our meat will always taste the way that it should; we choose the best meat from British native breeds reared on independent farms and smallholdings, free from growth hormones, antibiotics or cruelty. We dry-age in house on the bone for flavour, make our own sausages and burgers, and combine all of this with a contemporary knowledge of taste and cooking. 

Our small team of butchers are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our meat, the ordering process, or even for advice on cooking and preparing. You can find all of our contact information here.

For more information on our opening hours, or to find us, visit our Location page, here.  

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We select all of our meat on the bone and dry-age for a minimum of 28 days for beef, and up to 14 days for lamb and pork to improve flavour and texture.
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Our meat has never been frozen. It will arrive to you perfectly chilled, and we believe that's the way it should be. However, if you want to freeze at home, do it right...
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Exclusive Recipes

Richard H. Turner is one of the most renowned chefs in the UK, and a worldwide expert on ethical meat. Click below to see exclusive recipes written for our cuts.
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Rare-breeds sourced from small farms

Suppliers approved by James and Richard