UK Dairy

Introducing something a bit special to the Turner & George range - UK ex-dairy beef. Sourced from retired British Fresian cows and put out to pasture on a grass fed diet for up to 2 years, we are pleased to get behind this new sustainable and ethical approach towards beef. Benefitting from a slow, natural fattening process, the meat results in a rain drop style marbling, that is full of rich flavour.

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  1. UK Dairy 'Taster' Box
    UK Dairy 'Taster' Box

    A selection of fine cuts from UK ex-dairy

  2. UK Dairy Bone-In Sirloin
    UK Dairy Bone-In Sirloin

    Descended from a long line of noble steaks

  3. UK Dairy Rib Eye
    UK Dairy Rib Eye

    Raise the bar with 'UK Old Cow' rib eye

  4. UK Dairy Sirloin
    UK Dairy Sirloin

    UK ex-dairy sirloin steak, marbled and tender

  5. UK Dairy Rib eye Bone-in
    UK Dairy Rib eye Bone-in

    Bone-in rib eye, from UK ex-dairy cattle