Sausages & Bacon

Sausages & Bacon

Our sausages are handmade on site to our own recipes using dry-aged beef and native-breed pork, piped into natural casings. We use gluten-free breadcrumbs in the mix. All of our bacon is from free-range, native breed pork, hand sliced on site.

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  1. Turner & George Hot Guts
    Angel Hot Guts

    Spicy beef sausages with beer

  2. Turner & George Breakfast Pigs
    Breakfast Pigs

    Plain (ish) pork sausage, ground coarse.

  3. Turner & George Butchers' Dogs
    Butchers Dogs

    Pre-smoked pork and beef hot dog sausage

  4. Turner & George Le Pigs
    Le Pigs

    Coarse ground pork sausages with garlic.

  5. Oxbridge sausage
    Oxbridge sausage

    Veal, pork and herb sausage. 

  6. Turner & George Steak Sausage
    Qtr Lb Steak Sausage

    What it says on the tin... A meaty sausage

  7. Turner & George Pepper Pigs
    Spicy pigs

    Award winning chorizo spiced sausage

  8. Turner & George Supper pigs
    Supper Pigs

    A herby pork banger, perfect for dinners

  9. Turner & George Victorian Sausage
    The Victorian

    Pork, beef and mutton sausage