1. Lamb Sweetbreads
    Lamb Sweetbreads

    Creamy and subtly flavoured

    From £6.60
  2. Lamb Hearts
    Lamb Hearts

    Strong and versatile Lamb offal

  3. Ox Kidney
    Ox Kidney

    Staple ingredient for steak and kidney pie

  4. Ox Heart
    Ox Heart

    Strong flavoured offal. 

  5. Turner & George Pigs Cheeks
    Pigs Cheeks

    Gaining in popularity for their unrivalled flavour.

  6. Turner & George Oxtail

    Full of flavour and perfect for braising

  7. Turner & George Ox Cheeks
    Ox Cheeks

    The most used muscle with the most flavour

  8. Turner & George Onglet

    A strong, offally skirt steak with bags of flavour

    From £12.00
  9. Turner & George Bavette

    Skirt steak with a strong flavour

    From £18.00