1. Turner & George Bavette

    Skirt steak with a strong flavour

    As low as £18.00
  2. Lamb Hearts
    Lamb Hearts

    Strong and versatile Lamb offal

    As low as £2.75
  3. Lamb Sweetbreads
    Lamb Sweetbreads

    Creamy and subtly flavoured

    As low as £6.60
  4. Turner & George Onglet

    A strong, offally skirt steak with bags of flavour

    As low as £12.00
  5. Turner & George Ox Cheeks
    Ox Cheeks

    The most used muscle with the most flavour

    As low as £19.80
  6. Ox Heart
    Ox Heart

    Strong flavoured offal. 

    As low as £13.20
  7. Ox Kidney
    Ox Kidney

    Staple ingredient for steak and kidney pie

    As low as £6.60
  8. Turner & George Oxtail

    Full of flavour and perfect for braising

    As low as £19.80
  9. Turner & George Pigs Cheeks
    Pigs Cheeks

    Gaining in popularity for their unrivalled flavour.

    As low as £15.40