Sunday Roast

Large cuts of Cabrito Goat for a roast dinner, fantastic for something a little bit different.

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  1. Cooking Style Roast
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  1. Turner & George Kid Goat Breast
    Kid Goat Breast

    A whole breast of Kid Goat, left on the bone.

    As low as £11.55
  2. Turner & George Kid Goat Cutlets
    Kid goat Cutlets

    Cut from the loin, left whole or sliced on request.

    As low as £19.95
  3. Turner & George Kid Goat Leg
    Kid Goat Leg

    A fantastic alternative to lamb or mutton.

    As low as £42.00
  4. Turner & George Kid Goat Saddle
    Kid Goat Saddle

    Left whole or cut into chops

    As low as £13.13
  5. Turner & George Kid Goat Shoulder
    Kid Goat Shoulder

    Beautiful alternative to lamb; full of flavour.

    As low as £44.10