The 'steak eater's steak', we aged our Rump steak for up to 60 days to tenderise and enhance the flavour

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  1. Turner & George Basque Rump
    Basque Rump

    Cut from ex-dairy cattle, with a huge, lasting flavour

    As low as £28.80
  2. Turner & George Centre Cut Rump
    Centre Cut Rump

    Cut from the heart of the rump; thick and flavoursome

    As low as £19.00
  3. Turner & George Galician Rump
    Galician Rump

    Rump from the 'old cow' soft, and packing a real flavour.

    As low as £28.80
  4. Turner & George Picanha Steaks
    Picanha Steaks

    Cut from the rump cap and ready to grill or BBQ

    As low as £12.32
  5. Turner & George Rump Cap
    Rump Cap

    A signature Turner & George cut for roasting

    As low as £29.70
  6. Turner & George Rump Roast
    Rump Roast

    Rolled rump, great slow cooked or cooked fast and served rare.

    As low as £36.30
  7. Turner & George Rump Steak
    Rump Steak

    Cut from the rump, less tender but more flavourful

    As low as £21.12