Braising and casseroling cuts for those times when only a stew will do. Patience is key, but the rewards are sweet. Hand cut to order, dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days. 

  1. Turner & George Bavette

    Skirt steak with a strong flavour

    As low as £18.00
  2. Turner & George Bone-in Shin
    Bone-in Shin

    Generously rich meat for slow cooking on the bone

    As low as £17.60
  3. Turner & George Bone-in Flat Brisket
    Brisket Bone-in

    Cut from the breast, a fantastic and flavourful braising cut

    As low as £13.20
  4. Turner & George Packer Cut Brisket - Flat
    Brisket Flat

    Left fat on and ready to smoke -

    As low as £34.00
  5. Turner & George Packer Cut Brisket - Point
    Brisket Point End

    Left untrimmed, perfect for smoking

    As low as £32.00
  6. Turner & George Chuck Roast
    Chuck Roast

    A fantastic pot roasting joint to share, consistently marbled

    As low as £39.60
  7. Turner & George Diced Chuck Steak
    Diced Chuck

    Cut from the shoulder with plenty of marbling

    As low as £7.00
  8. Turner & George Feather Blade
    Feather Blade

    From the shoulder, a rich slow cooking joint

    As low as £26.40
  9. Turner & George Bone Marrow

    The rich, but perfect accompaniment to steak

    As low as £3.85
  10. Turner & George Onglet

    A strong, offally skirt steak with bags of flavour

    As low as £12.00
  11. Turner & George Ox Cheeks
    Ox Cheeks

    The most used muscle with the most flavour

    As low as £19.80
  12. Ox Kidney
    Ox Kidney

    Staple ingredient for steak and kidney pie

    As low as £6.60
  13. Turner & George Oxtail

    Full of flavour and perfect for braising

    As low as £19.80
  14. Turner & George Packer Cut Brisket
    Packer Cut Brisket

    The whole, untrimmed packer cut ready for smoking

    As low as £60.00
  15. Turner & George Pickled Brisket
    Pickled Brisket

    Brined brisket ready to make into salt beef.

    As low as £40.70
  16. Turner & George Rolled Shin
    Rolled Shin
    Boneless and rolled shin, perfect for Winter casseroles
    As low as £16.50
  17. Turner & George Short Ribs
    Short Ribs

    A popular US style cut for braising and smoking

    As low as £15.40
  18. Turner & George Sliced Chuck Steak
    Sliced Chuck

    Cut from the shoulder with plenty of marbling

    As low as £6.60
  19. Turner & George Tri Tip
    Tri Tip

    A versatile cut taken from the bottom sirloin

    As low as £11.00