Our Meat

Every piece of meat we offer has been raised naturally, lived the best of lives and is completely hormone, antibiotic and cruelty-free. After all, only animals that have been well bred and cared for can result in something that tastes truly amazing.

  1. Steak for Two
    Steak for Two

    Porterhouse and St John Claret

  2. Berkshire

    Berkshire pork from Twelve Acres Farm

    From £12.60
  3. Pedigree Sussex
    Pedigree Sussex

    Pedigree Sussex from Wasing Estate, Reading

    From £10.50
  4. Turner & George Smoked Bone-in Air-dried ham
    Smoked Gammon

    Cured smoked gammon, all the way from Yorkshire

  5. Turner & George Bone-in Air-Dried Ham
    Unsmoked Gammon

    Country cured gammon from the Cumbrian countryside.

  6. Ex Dairy Goat Dice
    Ex Dairy Goat Dice

    Delicious and versatile cubed goat meat

  7. Ex Dairy Goat Seasoned Sausages
    Ex Dairy Goat Seasoned Sausages

    A different but delicious sausage

  8. Ex Dairy Goat T Bone Chops
    Ex Dairy Goat T Bone Chops

    Great introduction to goat

  9. James' Free Range Jim Box
    James' Free Range Jim Box

    High protein power

  10. Burger Night In Box
    Burger Night In Box

    The perfect burger night in

  11. Steak Night In Box
    Steak Night In Box

    Everything you need for the perfect steak night in

  12. White Label Burger
    White Label Burger

    UK Dairy burgers

  13. Rib Fillet
    Rib Fillet

    Extra marbling means extra flavour

  14. T&G Staples Box
    T&G Staples Box

    Quality cuts throughout the week

  15. The Bigger BBQ Box
    The Bigger BBQ Box

    T&G BBQ Box for 12 people

  16. The Original BBQ Box
    The Original BBQ Box

    T&G BBQ Box for 8 people

  17. UK Dairy Rib eye Bone-in
    UK Dairy Rib eye Bone-in

    Bone-in rib eye, from UK ex-dairy cattle

  18. UK Dairy Rib Eye
    UK Dairy Rib Eye

    Raise the bar with 'UK Old Cow' rib eye

  19. UK Dairy Sirloin
    UK Dairy Sirloin

    UK ex-dairy sirloin steak, marbled and tender

  20. UK Dairy Bone-In Sirloin
    UK Dairy Bone-In Sirloin

    Descended from a long line of noble steaks

  21. Black Label Burger Box
    Black Label Burger Box

    Got a crowd coming over for a BBQ or party? No problem.

    From £46.00
  22. Turner & George Sirloin Steak
    Iberico Pluma

    Exceptional cut of Iberico pork, that can be cooked like steak.

  23. Christmas Free Range Duck
    Christmas Free Range Duck

    Free range Somerset Duck

    From £36.75
  24. Spanish Old Cow Box
    Spanish Old Cow Box

    Spanish Old Cow selection box

    From £120.00
  25. Somerset Free Range Goose
    Somerset Free Range Goose

    Slow grown Somerset free range goose

  26. Christmas Trimmed Rib of Beef
    Christmas Trimmed Rib of Beef

    4 Bone Trimmed Beef Rib

    From £132.30
  27. Herb Fed Turkey
    Herb Fed Turkey

    Slow grown Yorkshire Bronze Turkeys

    From £82.70