1. Goatober is Go: Interview with James Whetlor

    Goatober is Go: Interview with James Whetlor

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    In its second year, Goatober will be soon upon us, providing yet another perfect excuse for feasting throughout the cold month of October. Not that we ever need an excuse. For the uninitiated, Goatober is the UK’s month-long celebration of the dairy billy goat meat industry and was brought into life by none other than ethical meat champion, James...
  2. Meatopia Top Five

    Meatopia Top Five

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    Choosing a personal top five is fraught business at the best of times. Headache inducing in fact and whenever anyone asks me to fulfill that brief, it really can be quite agonising. Sometimes, the only route is to simply lock yourself into a room, pull the curtains shut and to get your head down; hoping to emerge with your marbles...
  3. Turner & George BBQ Stars

    Turner & George BBQ Stars

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    Now that autumn is slowly creeping in, a lot of people out there will take this as a signal to quietly cover their barbecues up and consign to their grills and smokers to the shed, or garage, for a well-earned rest. However, there are also plenty of folk who will have other ideas and will crack on straight through. Come...
  4. Jill's Seven Hour Leg of Lamb

    Jill's Seven Hour Leg of Lamb

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    The best things in life are often the simplest and this recipe for slow cooking a hunk of lamb is a perfect, fuss-free approach. A dish that can be left well alone in the oven, whilst you go out for a long walk (perhaps down to the pub) and when you return, the smells flooding throughout your house will no-doubt...
  5. Richard H. Turner's Steamed Pork Buns

    Richard H. Turner's Steamed Pork Buns

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    Steamed pork buns, or char siu bao, are a popular dim sum in Chinese restaurants, and these light and fluffy buns are also grab-and-go street food in China. They are sometimes baked and glazed for a crispy result. Method 1. Mix together the pork, hoisin sauce, shallot, pork broth, soy sauce and sesame oil. Chill in the refrigerator for several...
  6. A Visit to Boyton Farm, Wiltshire

    A Visit to Boyton Farm, Wiltshire

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    Picture this; the rolling Salisbury hills, short stems of yellow straw jutting from the ground and ginormous stacks of the bales that they made dotted around the fields. They stand out against the landscape, under crisp and luscious blue skies scattered with cloud. There isn’t a soul around, except for me, Danny and Caroline Wheatley Hubbard, the wonderful lady who...
  7. An Interview with Mat in his Meatopia hat

    An Interview with Mat in his Meatopia hat

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    Mat Kemp is one of the three Directors at Turner & George alongside Richard and James, but as some of you will know, they are the same trio behind London food festival Meatopia. Here we catch Mat at the T&G HQ kitchen table to talk through what's going to be big at Meatopia 2017. So Mat, in just under a few...
  8. Slow Roasted Leg of Goat with Mint Couscous and Tahini

    Slow Roasted Leg of Goat with Mint Couscous and Tahini

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    Method Pre-heat your oven to 160°C. Take your kid goat leg out of the fridge to bring up to room temperature and then prepare the rub. Place both the fennel seed and cumin seed into a frying pan and lightly toast over a high heat on the hob for a minute or so. Leave to cool a touch and...
  9. Butter fried steak with garlic

    Butter fried steak with garlic

    Recipes By Richard H Turner
    This is old-school French cookery at its best. if you can find grass-fed butter, then use it - evidence is mounting that grass-fed butter is healthier than intensively farmed butter, and it's certainly better for you than margarine or oil.
  10. The Great Bacon Sandwich Debate

    The Great Bacon Sandwich Debate

    Over the course of our lives, we become embroiled in many arguments and debates. These ‘tete-a-tete’s’ aren’t such a bad thing though, as they help us to form our opinions, mould our perspectives and shape our lives. Further still, quite often the best and most productive deliberations are usually held in pubs, where after a pint or three, soul searching...
  11. Legacy Grazing

    Legacy Grazing

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    There is nothing quite like a good ol’ ramble and meander in the open countryside, is there. As well as the benefit of exercise, it is scientifically proven that walking eases stress. And by re-establishing a connection with nature, we can bring about an inner zen or peace that is often missing from our lives. Unless of course, your...
  12. Give your veg a grillin'

    Give your veg a grillin'

    When the sun is shining and the pale legs come out, quite naturally, a lot of us start to think about cooking in the great outdoors. Which in turn, often leads to a stampede towards the end of the garden, to rescue and tidy up your BBQ. All spurred on by the promise of wonderful scents and sizzling sounds as...