With 705 hours to go to Christmas, we thought we should inform you that slots are filling up fast. In fact, December 23rd 2020 is now closed off for deliveries.

You can still place orders for online 'click and collect' from EC1 and email us direct - the shop will be open up until Christmas Eve morning. However, as you can imagine, a lot of people are getting their ducks in a row early this year. Plus their turkeysribs of beef and the obligatory Pigs In Blankets - so you will need to get your orders in soon.


But less of the urgency for the time being and let's crack on with some top tips, to help you out on the big day.

We came up with the suggestions below over a T&G Zoom call last night and as you might be able to tell, a theme soon developed.

Richard is out in the countryside somewhere by the way, working on a new project, and as a result, his signal was not the best.

The last tip is attributed to chef. We hope we heard him right.

1. If turkey is on the agenda, start the bird in the oven breast side down and about half way through the cooking time* turn the bird over on to its back to brown the breast - making sure you keep basting the skin with fat.

2. Parboil your spuds the night before, drain and leave to steam and then put in the fridge overnight to completely dry out. This will ensure optimum crispiness when roasting - so long as you use dripping too.

3. Rather than boil the hell out of Brussels sprouts, shred them finely and quickly stir fry with chopped shallots, bacon lardons, a splash of Madeira and plenty of lard.

4. Try frying some slices of Christmas pudding in goose fat and serving with a ripe cheese, such as Ogleshield. Don't forget to match with a fine port or some St John Crémant to aid digestion.

5. Always have a plentiful supply of butter and bone marrow in the fridge. Do not scrimp on butter and bone marrow. Especially if you want to make a decent Trencherman gravy. Buy as much as humanly possible. I cannot stress this enou...

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Have a good week,

The T&G Team

* Cooking times will be included in the box.