Hopefully you made it through the weekend unscathed after all the bluster and bother that Storm Ciara brought along. Although if you are currently looking at replacing fencing panels, roof tiles and a new bin right now, don't stress too much - because at least we can get Valentine's Day sorted out for you.

Yep, not only do we have the usual array of high-quality, native-breed cuts for you to choose and have delivered straight to your door, we have also set up a couple of partnerships to help you romance and woo a loved one or secret admirer.


First up is a special collaboration with gourmet French mustard maestros, La Maison Maille. When it comes to condiments, you can rarely beat an additional slathering of the hot stuff, so we're thrilled to partner up with Maille and pair a mammoth Porterhouse with three of their delicious mustards - including Black Truffle with Chablis White Wine.

In the words of rugby commentator, David Flatman -  'Their truffle mustard has changed my life.'

Which is high praise indeed. Who knows, it could change yours by helping you to win over the heart of your dreams. However, if they are not impressed by your efforts after this sort of display or beneficence of lurrve, then perhaps they just ain't worth it.

Oh and this is strictly limited to 30 boxes, so grab one before they disappear.

Secondly, we are also running an exclusive offer with St John Wine that marries up their fine own-label Claret, sourced from Bordeaux, with a handsome 800g T-Bone steak. Two perfect ingredients to be shared over candlelight, with chips, and Barbara Streisand warbling on in the background.

Get either one of these offerings and believe us, you will have 14th February made.

(Don't forget to order some bacon in for breakfast.)

The T&G Team