As you can imagine, it is still pretty busy over at Turner and George right now - in both the shop and with online orders. Thankfully, we are now starting to settle into a decent rhythm and from the adjustments we have made, this has meant that the T&G machine is now purring along just nicely. Like a 1986 Ford Capri.

Hell, we even managed to take some time out over the weekend and participate in a Meatopia cookalong. Following the careful instruction of Jonathan Parry, of The Mash Inn, his Asian-inspired duck, grilled two ways over flame was glorious and we thoroughly recommend you keep eye for more online masterclasses under the banner of #MeatopiaAtHome.

It is fair to say that we have been doing a fair bit of cooking all-round really. Given that the current climate is placing an emphasis on staying at home, it got us thinking some more and propelled by the fact that we have a rather good chef on the board, we decided it was high time we delivered something a little bit different.

So without further ado, please let us introduce you to our new 'Steak Night In' and 'Burger Night In' Meat Boxes.

It has taken us a while to put these two together in the development kitchen but after much deliberation, musing and tasting, we honestly believe that both boxes contain all you really need for a cracking night in.

The first is obviously a more relaxed affair, that leads to easy eating but the hand pressed dry aged Black Label patties inside are no ordinary burgers. And of course there is the fine art of the construction.


As for the second one? Well, it has got romance written all over it. Native breed, bone-in ribeye. Mashed potatoes. Creamed spinach. Sumptuous gravy. Tangy Maille mustard. And an exceptional Claret from St John Wines. All that is missing is a roaring hot fire and shaggy sheepskin rug.


Most importantly though, both boxes come with a definitive guide from Richard H. Turner in each one. To help you create the perfect burger and cook the ultimate steak.

And this is just the start of it. Expect to see some more fuss-free, meaty additions to our online range soon.

In the meantime, dust off that rug.