The cornerstone that is the mixed grill has remained in place up and down the land for some time now, and for very good reason. It is, in essence, a rather versatile dish after all and whether ordered in a pub, restaurant or cooked at home, you can always expect a sense of variety and adventure to appear on your plate. Pretty much like your five-a-day, each differing cut will also deliver a unique aspect once chewed upon and digested. Which in turn, helps to achieve that all important balanced diet. Be it some essential amino acids for healing and repair, or protein to assist in maintaining muscle tone and tissue strength. And if you had to get down to the nitty gritty of health and well-being, well come on, it does come with vegetables too. Usually.

Yes, so long as each item appears resplendent with those signature black bars, the mixed grill has got a lot going for it and for filling up, there probably is no finer route to strength, stamina and endurance.

What does constitute as the definitive mixed grill though?

Well, we took a survey recently on social media and by and large, the general public did have their heads screwed on correctly, as these were the following results.

Steak, as always came to the fore, with a preference for rump over many other cuts. Although it has to be said, bone-in ribeye came a close second.

Chops were split down the line between fat pork loins and tender lamb cutlets, with also a call for traditional smoked bacon chop over thin slices of streaky.

Black pudding was extremely popular, as rallying cries for bountiful blood sausage definitely overtook suggestions for regular bangers. But when queried, many did also agree you can never ever really forgo sausages in this instance.

Offal should not be forgotten either. Mr Richard H. Turner made sure of that, with an interjection that kidney AND liver must take place, for fear of pain of death.

And continuing on with the meat front, there was also a ripple of approval for poultry - particularly in the shape of chicken wings.

Vegetable and salad shouts outs were soothingly familiar, as mushrooms, tomatoes and onions all featured in the lines - along with corn on the cob, jacket potatoes and watercress. Eggs, hash browns, halloumi and, rather interestingly, seafood also came in for high praise.

However, the mention of pineapple was soon shouted down and the person who meeped 'braised carrots' was soon blocked by everyone in the room.

Having taken on board these results, we have since come to the conclusion that when it comes to creating the ultimate mixed grill, you basically need to throw as much stuff at it as humanly possible.

So if you are headed out this weekend, a mixed grill really has to be your best shout to help line your stomach. It's all about that strength, stamina and endurance you see.

Although at present, you might just want to think doing your bit, having a couple and then coming back early doors for some post-pub stuffage.

Closing time is down to you then!

T&G Mixed Grill