Yep, we have switched on the lights a little earlier this year and to be frank, there are plenty of festive products in the planning that will be added to our rostra over the coming weeks. However, seeing as 2020 is going to be a bit different (to say the least) we just wanted to get things moving, to make sure that we can help your Christmas go as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps the most important information to share right now, is that from November 23rd 2020 through to January 3rd 2021, our courier partners DPD will be putting into place certain logistical restrictions. This is due to an expected and unprecedented demand for the forthcoming season.

So, during this period, you will only be able to book slots to deliver orders on an 'all-day' basis - for delivery between 9AM and 6PM.

Before noon slots will not be available at this time and the majority of courier companies will be following suit in this regard.

We should also advise that delivery slots maybe subject to Covid related amendments over the coming months but we will be keeping in close communication with our customers, to ensure that you are informed and kept up to date.

Finally, delivery slots for the Christmas week will become fully available on the website at the end of October. So get ready.

Right, that's the logistical business out of the way and to round up on a slightly higher note, you may well be interested to hear of news of our collaboration with St John for Christmas 2020. And it's all about the sweet stuff.

Available through our Christmas page, we will soon have a selection of St John Christmas puddings, mince pies and Eccles cakes up for grabs. And if you know anything about this venerated restaurant, you'll soon appreciate what a most excellent proposition this is.

Christmas puddings 01

Better still, to celebrate, a rather special competition will be announced soon. The prize of which will come in the shape of lunch at St John with Richard H. Turner - along with some other familiar figures from within those hallowed whitewashed walls, all sat at the table.

Watch out for news on our socials.

That'll do for now but if this doesn't start to make you feel all tingly already, well...we don't know what will.