The Bank Holidays are coming in thick and fast, with the third one of the year now in our sights. So if you are thinking about getting the gang over for a BBQ, you better move them fingers. Jimmy* has just reported in today and said that slots are filling up already for May 28th and 29th.

Of course, with more prospective mouths to feed, there is also the inherent worry that there won't be enough to go around - especially since the rules are beginning to relax.  Have no fear, as we have now added some options for customers to help bulk out the offering that comes with our T&G Original BBQ Box.

The onus is on speed and ease here, with cuts such as spatchcock chicken, butterflied onglet and butterflied leg of lamb now available for the grill. We figured at this stage in the game, people simply want to relax and cook, rather than deal with the intricacies of any complicated knife work.

T&G Additions - Butterflied Leg of Lamb, Butterflied Onglet, Spatchcock chicken

And hey, we're butchers. It's what we do!

As always, there are few more projects in the pipeline, with the 'addition' of new sides, such as salads and 'slaws - plus a new BBQ box -  will be coming online soon. We're just in the process of tweaking recipes for the box but pork is firmly on the agenda.

Slow smoked. Juicy pork. With crackling. It's gonna be good.

Disclaimer: We do realise that the whole concept of this promo hedges on the weather improving in time for the weekend. But Richard H. Turner has close contact with several high ranking members at the Met Office, and he has had personal assurances that things are finally looking up from Thursday onwards.

So keep the faith...KEEP THE FAITH!

* Jimmy is our new online manager and you may have already had a chat with him. If you were wondering what he looks like, here he is!



He LOVES this photo...