Turner and George Thanksgiving

We are nearly in the silly season of feasting, drinking and making merry, folks. And if you haven't paid any thought about getting your Christmas order in, this is your friendly reminder that it is only 38 sleeps away.

Yes, delivery slots are filling up fast and if you want to make sure of getting your hands on some prime beef, superb chipolatas and exquisite Herb Fed turkey for your festive table, then you better get in there fast.

Speaking of turkeys - and the compulsion to go on about 'gobbling' them up is strong here - it would be remiss of us, if we didn't alert you to the fact that any orders for Thanksgiving celebrations should be done by Thursday 21st.

Which is this Thursday! *gulp*

For the proper low down on the fine turkeys that we get,in  may we suggest you head over to this blog post, from when we visited our suppliers a while ago.

But for a more succinct approach, these slow grown Yorkshire Bronze turkeys forage naturally outdoors and are fed on fresh herbs for  a minimum period of 20 weeks before being dry plucked and hung for 10 days. As a result, the flavour is amazing - deep and rich.

And let's be honest, those words are not often something that we associate with turkey

But that's only because you've left it too late and had to revert to buying in a sad frozen butterball instead.

Do not be this person.

The T&G Team