Meatopia Collage

Did Meatopia really finish up just a couple of days ago? After all that anticipation, excitement and lead-up, it feels like the whole weekend went by in a veritable blur.

And for some members of Turner & George it did! (*cough* Tom...)

But it was definitely a cracker this year. The atmosphere was buzzing, the music was thumping - and we led, in our honest opinion, a rather pleasing set of our own on The Cutting Room stage.

Having Tom showing off his butcher skills, Mr Turner grill up some fine UK ex-dairy rib-eye and then distributing tasty morsels to the crowd was a no-brainer really. In one happy punter's words - 'That steak was the highlight of the festival.'


Speaking of food though, what were the best dishes of the weekend? Well, we had a little conflab in the office just the other day and these were just some of the comments that came up:

'Andrew Clark’s pork and eel or Sausage Commitments Saturday sausage. Oh and Budgies Sausage and egg on Saturday. Oh and the burger from Singapore was great too. Oh oh oh....wait....oh I forgot.'

'Mate, I was all over Andy Low n Slow's lamb tacos arabes. I want that spit in my garden. And have to say, Pip Lacey's grilled sardines with mojo was bloody spanking.'

'Speaking of fish, Tom Brown's Carlingford oysters with seaweed hot sauce and lime was very elegant. I had three helpings before heading to the whiskey bar.'

'Scully’s short rib on Sunday, Robertas ox tongue taco, Hoppers bone marrow curry with pulled short rib. Oh, and Rovi’s bulgar wheat vegetarian dish was flipping awesome...What? Don't look at me like that!'

This is the clean version by the way. But the most succinct praise was this one:

'Smokestak, hands down.'

And we have admit, David Carter's smoked brisket pastrami was pretty damn special. Oozing with meaty juice, bun laced with hot mustard and topped with dill pickle, it was glorious. Pure and simple.

What do you think though? What was your favourite from the weekend? if you were lucky enough to go that is.

We'd love to hear back from you.