Out of all the sausages we make at Turner & George, the Butcher's Dog is perhaps the best one of all. You have to be careful making such statements, mind. It's a bit like suddenly announcing who your favourite child is, at a family BBQ or wedding anniversary party. The needle can come scratching right off the record with that one.

Thankfully, our sausages, whilst packed with flavour, are all fairly docile and will take such preferential treatment in their strides. At the end of the day, it is very rare that any one sausage gets left behind on the counter.

(The goat merguez can get a bit uppity sometimes, but that is down their fiery nature.)

Coming back to the Butcher's Dog though; well, why are they just so good? In our estimation, it is simply down to the blend of pork and beef that goes into them. Proper pork and beef. Not the pink gunk that is found in chip shop Saveloys. We're talking about real meat here.

Of course, they also get smoked. And anything smoked meat wise, is generally a very good thing. We'd even go so far to say that fish is pretty good when smoked. Seriously. Fish!

Finally though, there is the 'snap'. The essential element or feature of any dog, worth it's mustard sauce. When you bite down and pierce through the skin, the resulting ping against your teeth is what it really is all about. C'mon, how you can improve on that?

For a while, we thought you couldn't. Then we caught onto this approach by Kung Fu BBQ, one of our favourite charcoal and fire experts, out there on t'internet.

It seems that if you add a combination of Russian mayo, chopped gherkins, fried onions and crushed crisps to top our Butcher's Dogs, then sweet lord! You can actually improve upon them.


So feast your eyes on this folks. This recipe is slightly filthy but it's definitely a winner and really does bring out the best in our Butcher's Dogs.

Thanks goes to Kung Fu BBQ for sharing this treat, which serves 6 - and his photos too.


Spuntino Eagle Rock Dogs by Kung Fu BBQ


  1. First, make the Russian Dressing by adding the mayonnaise, ketchup, horseradish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, smoked paprika and chipotle Tabasco to a bowl and then mix together.  Add sea salt to taste.
  2. Next, finely dice a large gherkin.
  3. Crush some ready salted crisps into a bowl.
  4. Fry the sliced onions in rapeseed oil and cook them slowly to caramelise but not burn. Take your time with this. Up to 30 minutes.
  5. Set up your BBQ with two heat zones.
  6. Prick the Butcher's Dogs all over with a cocktail stick, as this stops them bursting and ripping when cooking.
  7. Cook the sausages over the cooler, indirect heat zone. Put the lid on your grill if you have one, aim the top vent over the sausages to pull the heat across the grill and over the sausages.
  8. Rotate after around 5 minutes - keep an eye on them though.
  9. Check the internal temperature of the hot dogs with a Thermapen or similar. Once they hit 75°C they are done. Usually around 10 minutes total.
  10. Slice the hot dog buns from the top, along the middle.
  11. Place the hot dog in the bun, spoon some onions on then the Russian dressing, sprinkle some gherkin and crushed crisps on top.
  12. Enjoy!