We have had long held a dream over at T&G Towers. One that was formulated way back in 2013. Along the way, there has been much wringing of hands, rubbing of strained brows and plenty of screwed up pieces of paper thrown in the bin. It hasn't been easy. But finally, we've done it. We have fulfilled that dream and we are very pleased to announce that we can now send out steak from our base in EC1 and get it delivered straight to you - wait for it - on the very same day you order.


Hallelujah! We hear you cry. And believe us, when we sent out the first Galician ribeye during testing, there was a veritable tear in our eyes too. It really has been a long time coming.

However, despite this revolutionary breakthrough, we are still treading carefully forward, to ensure that we get things right. For the time being then, we are delivering to these London postcodes only - EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E14, SE1, SW1 & W1.

And we are currently limiting the offering to a selection of 11 steaks. We do hope to be able to expand the range available very soon, so that we can send all manner of cuts, products and joints of meat across the city. Don't be surprised if you start seeing T&G branded bikes and vans soon too.

(An idea has been bounced about using T&G drones to send out packages of glorious meat, to fly across the sunlit skies of London town. But that has been firmly consigned to the drawing board for the time being.)

So, if you find yourself bound to the desk at lunchtime, do not fret. Place an order by 1PM and we will deliver by 5PM.

We can now ensure that at least supper will be something to look forward to!

Right then *claps hands together* WHERE IS THE CHAMPAGNE?