So, right now, we are in the middle of Christmas Week and for butchers up and down the land, this will be the busiest time of year. From here on in, it's heads down all the way until Christmas Eve. To make sure that all the Herb Fed turkeys, all the Christmas Trimmed Ribs of Beef and all the pigs in blankets get boxed, tied and wrapped up in bacon and delivered in time for the big day. Sleep? What is sleep? Sleep is for...well, sleep is for Boxing Day.

However, when it comes to certain items in the T&G Christmas range, there is only so much we can do and there will always be some products that come with a degree of exclusivity.

One such product is Polly's Christmas Pork Stuffing. Handmade by Polly, using our free-range sausage meat and a selection of the usual and no so usual ingredients, this stuffing is always popular and it always sells out. In fact, this week, we only have the stuffing available in EC1.

We could keep Polly in the kitchen, knocking out tray after tray of succulent and sweet pork meat and nuts, to keep up with demand. But she is a busy woman in her own right. And would have something to say if we asked for any more. Something quite colourful

Thankfully, Polly has agreed to give us the recipe, so that you may be able to make some of your own special stuffing at home.

It's quite straight-forward actually but there is a secret twist at the end. This is her method as described to us, almost word for word, before she ran out of the office door, clutching boxes full of chilli oil.

'First, peel and dice up an onion and fry in a pan with butter, until they are nice and soft. Then towards the end, throw in some sage leaves, torn and some thyme, leaves picked, and cook for another few minutes.

Next, mix in some sourdough breadcrumbs. They should be quite chunky, different shapes and sizes, homestyle. Mix well and cool.

Add your sausage meat - about 500gs, a good amount of salt and pepper and an egg to bind. And again mix together.

Now for the secret part, take a good spoonful of cranberry jelly and gently fold it in. It also works with strawberry and marmalade by the way.


Place into a tin or foil tray and finish by sprinkling some chopped nuts on top. Brazils, hazelnuts, walnuts, that sort of thing. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes

And presto, there's your stuffing to go with your turkey.'

Given the reputation and the case that Polly's stuffing does consistently sell out, we think that there might be a just a little bit more to it than that.

So for the real thing, you best get down to the shop and pick up a tray or two. Tout suite.

Polly's Stuffing