Word to the wise - we've begun populating our online click and collect page, dedicated to items ONLY available at the shop and the range is only going to get bigger.

Tom and Co are always making additions in the shop. Be it with experimental sausage blends, new adventures in charcuterie and cheese, or sourcing culinary delights from around the UK and Europe - not forgetting wine - and we will be listing and updating products on a regular basis. So, please do keep an eye on proceedings.

Not only that, but we do plan to start allocating some of the rarer and heavily-aged beef, lamb and pork that we often get in.

Joints like the 100 day-old Jersey Wagyu X that went out on socials last week, for instance. Lots of you got in touch to reserve or enquire what was left in the counter and as a result, we'll be trialing a selection of exclusive cuts on the page very soon.

You know, to counter the FOMO.

Now, we realise that this 'news' will only really have substance for those customers who can visit the shop in EC1.

However, for the rest of you up and down the land, please do keep the faith. The shop has always been a testing ground for us and the grand plan is open up for greater distribution.

As the ol' saying goes 'If you build it, they will come.'

We just need to get it right.

T&G Click and Collect