Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will know that National Sausage Week is here. Which is a very important time of year for us at Turner & George, as you can imagine. Because as a butcher, we can sell all manner of wonderful joints and cuts, in the form of hulking ribeye and beautiful aged steaks. We can bring handsome looking birds to the counter, free-range and slow-grown for a better depth of flavour. We can even offer something special and out of the ordinary, in the shape of our Black Label Range.

But if we didn't get our sausages right; well, we really wouldn't be worth our salt.

And we do take particular pride in our bangers. Handmade on site, to our own recipes using dry-aged beef and native-breed pork, piped into natural casings, we like to think that our range is a cut-above your usual offering and we even use gluten-free breadcrumbs in the mix. Our sausages are for one and all.

But what does this range extend to?

'Tell me more about your sausages,' you might be whispering.

Right now. To your computer screen.

OK, well without further adieu, we think that it is high time for you to meet the gang. The celebrated sossidges that humbly form the backbone of Turner & George. Some of them may be coarse but don't let that put you off bringing them to the dinner table.  When it comes to taste, our sausages are impeccably behaved and will never let you down.


Angel Hot Guts

Taking inspiration from a famous Texan recipe and making it our own, these sausages are made from a combination of chuck and flank, along with a secret spice blend. A blend so secret, you'd have to prise it from our cold dead hands to in order to find out. Supremely beefy, with just the right amount of capsicum heat, these sausages are fantastic to grill out in the open, over hot coals and washed down with beer. Or coffee. Just like the cowboys used to do.


Breakfast Pigs

Sausages and breakfast go hand in hand together. Like cheese and biscuits. Like coffee and cream. Like um...Tom & Jerry. You get the picture. A proper English breakfast just isn't complete without a juicy banger (or two) and these are made using the same rare-breed pork belly sold in-store and online.  Gentle on the tongue and a perfect vehicle for dipping into your HP sauce or Tommy K. Depending on what camp you fall into.


Butcher's Dogs

Can a hotdog be classed as a sausage? Of course it can. Especially when it contains a mix of beef and pork and has been delicately smoked. Set in between a fluffy, elongated roll, dressed with caramelised onion, a squirt of fluorescent American mustard and some more red sauce, these dogs would be a perfect fit for a Bonfire Night party. Get these down your gullet on November 5th and you'll be jumping all over the shop, from here to Albuquerque.


Goat Merguez

Not content with selling prime cuts of goat, as supplied by Cabrito, after some easy consideration, we decided that goat sausages should be on the menu at T&G. These bad boys took a little bit of time in development, adjusting the correct amount of Moroccan seasoning along the way, but we've really hit the mark with this one. Made using goat belly and shoulder, these are perfect for an alternative breakfast to warm you up first thing in the morning.


Le Pigs

The infamous 'Toulouse' sausage is a pungent beast, as it is normally made with enough garlic to make your hair fall out (not forgetting to mention that eating one often leads to falling out with respective partners). Our version - 'Le Pig' - is a slightly more tempered and refined affair, that goes well in casseroles or used in say, Toad in the Hole. Made using 100% pork shoulder, this sausage will have you cooing with joy. Rather than shouting 'Zut Alor' over the dinner table.


Oxbridge Sausage

Inspired by the spires of two of our most prestigious universities, the Oxbridge is a highly educated sort of sausage, made using rose veal and pork, along with herbs, seasoning and spices. According to a research study, undertaken by T&G's very own Faculty of Sausage Arts, it has been scientifically proven that eating three of these sumptuous bangers a day, increases brain capacity by 250%. Or summink.  Oh we dunno. It got written down. Somewhere.


QTR LB Steak Sausage

Given that we do a fine line in steak, it sort of makes sense that T&G should also have some meaty, behemoth snags on the list. And we can guarantee, these monsters will not leave you hungry. Using only cuts from the forequarter, the beef flavour is pronounced but not overwhelming. Perfect to go with your regular mashed potato, baked beans and meaty gravy. If the Bash Street Kids were real, these are the sausages they'd be eating.

  spicy pigs

Spicy Pigs

Some say 'choor-ee-tho'. Some say 'choor-itzo'. We don't care. All we know is that the fresh chilli, oregano, nutmeg and garlic that goes into making this fantastic sausage, sets our world alight, in more ways than one. Inspired by an Argentinian Chorizo, it really is a versatile banger, that can be enjoyed straight off the BBQ and served in a bun, cooked up with chicken as jambalaya; or fried, sliced and stirred into pasta. How much do we love this sausage? We cannot count the ways.


Supper Pigs

Sophisticated, urbane and cultured, these are exactly the sort of sausages that you will be wanting to serve at a dinner party. To provide stimulating conversation, over a glass of wine, quite possibly a classy rouge bought in the shop at EC1. Or next doors, at Made In Little France. Made using coarse ground meat from 100% rare-breed pork belly and a subtle mix of herbs, we suggest trying out this approach by celebrated food writer, Rachel Roddy. It's well posh.


The Victorian

Last but by no means least, The Victorian is truly a magnificent sausage. Heralding back to an age when mutton was enjoyed with perhaps more vigor than it is today, this banger is complex, unique and packed into natural skins, to deliver a wonderful deep flavour. Fashion in sausage comes and goes but given that we've seen a renaissance of moustache twirling recently (especially around Old Street) once people cotton on, everyone will soon be tucking into this triumphant sausage.