Earlier this month, the carnivorous fiesta that is Meatopia descended upon the green shores of Dublin, and nestled itself at The Open Gate Brewery. For the uninitiated, this is where the mighty Guinness family experiment and play around with brewing a whole host of different beers. It is not always about the black stuff.

Formally titled 'Guinness X Meatopia' and slightly smaller in scale to Tobacco Dock, there was still the usual display of meat, fire and mayhem that has become synonymous with the festival. Smoke, laughter and music filled the air; along with the glorious scent of grilled beef, pork, lamb and chicken. All expertly cooked by the likes of Elisabeth Haigh, Dan Doherty, Niall Davidson and the formidable Johnathan Sawyer, who flew in from Cleveland. Seafood also got a decent shoo in. A medley of mussels, kelp and oysters was delivered by Young Chef of the Year, Killian Crowley, showing that it isn't always about the flesh. Of course, a not insignificant amount of beer was also drunk, as Guinness showcased a delicious concoction of sours, pale ales and pilsners to pair up with all the dishes served.

Guinness X Meatopia

At the heart of all the action was Barra Fitzgibbon and our very own Mat Kemp, ringmasters who between them - it has to be said - got through a fair amount of food and beer themselves.

It is always difficult to declare a favourite but for Mat, the dish of the weekend had to be Changwook Chung's Korean Barbecued Beef Sandwich - a ginger and soy sauce marinated fillet steak, that was barbecued Korean style over charcoal, and served on flatbread with a punchy chilli and garlic mayo. Mat estimates that he may have eaten five of them over the weekend. At least.

Such was his enthusiasm for Chef Chung's dish, Mat took it upon himself to recreate the dish when he got back home and when he described his efforts in the T&G office the other day, we knew just had to try it out for ourselves. The twist is that in this version, kimchi has been deployed to build that heat in and sourdough replaces the flatbread. Sourdough that has been fried in butter and then topped with roasted bone marrow. And Mat decided to use Galician fillet, along with green chilli and coriander. Oh and he felt that it was necessary that some onglet should go into it too.

Mat's Tribute

So, OK, it is practically a different recipe all together. But as with all good recipes, they exist to be changed and shared. Thus this being a tribute to Chef Chung and an extremely naughty one at that.

This method serves four but you'll be wanting more than that. Probably five.



  1. First, light your BBQ and wait until the coals are white and glowing hot. You will need to push the coals to one side for indirect cooking*
  2. Take the Galician fillet, onglet and bone marrow out of the fridge, to come up to room temperature.
  3. Generously season the bone marrow shafts with sea salt and cracked black pepper and place in your BBQ for indirect cooking and close the lid. You want to aim for 200°C and roast the marrow for 15 minutes, until it is just melting. Wrap in foil and keep warm.
  4. Again, season the steaks well, with sea salt and cracked black pepper, and then pop them straight over the coals. Grill the onglet for 8 mins and the fillet for 10 minutes for medium, turning regularly to avoid burning and to develop a crust.
  5. Rest the steaks for at least 10 minutes.
  6. Place a large frying pan over the coals and add a large knob of butter. Once it begins to sizzle, add the slices of sourdough to quickly crisp up and toast. Keep warm.
  7. Now add the kimchi to the frying pan and quickly heat through.
  8. To serve, scoop the marrow from out of the bone shafts and spread onto the sourdough.
  9. Slice the steaks against the grain and arrange the fillet and onglet alternately on top, followed by a good spoonful of kimchi.
  10. Finish by scattering over some green chilli slices and coriander leaves.

*You could always roast your bone marrow in the oven, at 200°C, for the same period of time if your BBQ doesn't have a lid.