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Yep, the rumours are true. We are teaming up with Honest Burgers for a very worthwhile collaboration and will be selling 250 limited edition 'Honest at Home' kits, which will contain everything you need to construct the perfect burger in your kitchen at home.

Including our very own Cumberland streaky smoked bacon and Honest's unrivaled homemade red onion relish and pickles.

Why 'worthwhile'? Well, this is not for profit, this is to raise money. So we’re asking for an ‘honesty box’ donation for your kit (worth around £35). Give as generously as you can - as every penny will go direct to these three charities, who are really in need of support;

https://landworkersalliance.org.uk – to provide safety gear for farmers to get back into production

https://www.trusselltrust.org – a nationwide network of food banks for vulnerable people

https://www.hospitalityaction.org.uk – financial and emotional support for hard hit hospitality workers

Now, given the quantities, this beacon of light obviously won't reach everyone, and we are sorry to say that these kits are only available for delivery in Greater London - see the postcode map below.

Furthermore, we can only release 50 boxes a day, for next day delivery. As we are sure you can appreciate, these are very busy times for everyone at T&G HQ, as we complete and send out our regular orders of high quality, ethically sourced meat.

So when they do go on sale, it will be tight, it will be frenetic and that window of opportunity may just close as soon as you open it. The first drop of 50 boxes will be ready to purchase at 11AM ON MONDAY 20TH APRIL - and every day throughout the week until Friday 24th April.

Please form an orderly queue and we wish you all the best.

And if you do get hold of one, check out Tom over at Honest Burgers, as he will be releasing a video showing how to cook your burgers, the 'Honest' way. Watch this space.


The T&G Team