It may now be 2019 - Happy New Year everyone btw! - but the dust has barely yet to settle over at T&G headquarters.  This is in part due to mania of Christmas and New Year. Butchers up and down the land, never really get to rest over the festive period.  As soon as December edges into sight, it is go, go, go. And then some more. Before we all collapse in a sweaty heap on New Year' Day. There, that's a nice image for you.

(We do shower on New Year's Day too, it's tradition.)

But yes , it was a busy and successful one, and we owe that in part to our loyal customers. So please also accept a belated thanks from everyone at T&G, for your custom. It means a lot.

Coming back to the dust for a second though. No sooner do we wind down, it is actually time to start brainstorming for the year ahead and to start working on some new projects. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone after all.

So we all gathered the other day and had a good old think about what innovations in meat we should be pressing on with.  It was quick-fired affair, with Mat at the A3 notepad and Sharpie in hand - whilst we all shouted ideas and slogans at him.

Some beer may have been drunk too.

Sausage Header

'Portable Sausage making machines!'

'Chicken Skin Crisps!'


Yes, the last suggestion did raise eyebrows but the general proposal to stuff a variety of meats with garlic butter is a sound one. (Can you guess who came up with that?)

After a shout out on Twitter, proposals were also offered from the social media floor. Enthusiasm for coming up with different forms of bacon seems to be very popular. Especially duck bacon. Alternative haggis for the forthcoming Burns Night, made from goat pluck, was also a good shout - we need to get in touch with James Whetlor about that. And Melissa Cole's cry for vac-packed, pre-portioned doner kebab meat was a supremely sound idea, if ever we heard one.

The most imaginative came from food and drink writer, Andrew Stevenson. He actually gave three. A digestive that should be dusted with bacon bits. A box of meaty treats not too dissimilar to Celebrations, all wrapped in glittered foil. And an emphasis on 'Meat fruit & veg for us omnivores who feel we should eat fruit and vegetables, but, like vegans, can't get away from something that looks and feels like what we really should be eating.' This is an idea that we like a lot and we may well go back to Andrew, to see if will do some consultancy for us.


What of the real deal though? Is there really anything new coming through from T&G in the coming months?

Well, you'll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes. Keep your beady eyes out for some new products to hit our lines soon. Particularly with regards to Yorkshire Wagyu and and mighty Tomahawk steaks.

We're also planning to help take the brunt out of your monthly meat shop, with high end, quality cuts and easy to follow recipes.

And if you ever feel like you are always in a dash and don't have the time to pop out to our shop in EC1 and get hold of some decent steak. Something is coming. Just over the horizon. But all in good time.

In the meantime, to take the sting out of January, we are offering all our customers 10% off online orders. Simply enter 'STEAKANUARY' in the promo box.

That should keep you going.

For now...


The T&G Team