A couple of weeks ago, we posted a picture of a pig's head on Instagram, as a statement to show our commitment to nose to tail eating. Out of respect for the animal and the environment, at T&G, we believe that nothing should go to waste. We've even got a recipe on this very blog, thanks to Andrew Clarke.

The feedback was pleasingly positive, with plenty of people echoing and applauding this approach. And so it got us thinking about some of the other unusual cuts we sell, with regards to the BBQ season.

Burgersbangers and supreme hulks of Galician and UK Dairy steak are of course excellent options to throw down over the coals. But there are some great alternatives out there.

One such option is Grilled Ox Heart Buns with Pickled Walnuts.

Grilled Ox Heart with Pickled Walnuts

Found in Richard H. Turner's PRIME, this is an easy introduction to the world of BBQing offal. The recipe itself is by the mighty chef, Fergus Henderson. And he served this fantastic sandwich up at the very first Meatopia in the UK.

A lot of the work is probably done by the acids in the marinade to be honest and as ox heart is also fairly lean - once trimmed that is - this really does need the merest of flashes on a roaring hot grill. 3 minutes max on each side, otherwise the heart will become too tough.

Get the guessing game going too. The unsuspecting crowd will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, we reckon they will luuuuurve it.

Ox Heart


  1. Trim the heart of anything that looks like sinew and remove any blood clots. Slice it open, lay it flat and cut into 60g pieces, each about 5mm thick.
  2. Toss the pieces of heart in the vinegar, salt, pepper and thyme and leave to marinate for 24 hours..
  3. Heat your grill or griddle pan and sear the heart for 3 minutes on each side.
  4. Serve with the watercress, shallots and Pickled Walnuts in toasted buns.

Grilled Ox Heart