Old Butcher's shops

As you might expect, we are now entering the full on aspect of the 'silly season.'

Butchers up and down the land will slowly be reaching max warp speed capacity - with orders flying in via email, telephone, fax, carrier pigeon and post it notes.

And it's no different for Turner & George.

But we do relish this time of the year because we believe that the quality of the meat that we source really does shine - and if you are looking to get something extra special in for your Christmas table, no one else comes close to us.

Sounds like a proud boast, doesn't it?

But then again, perhaps you haven't tried a Herb Fed turkey yet.

Speaking of which, slots for deliveries are very nearly full and last online orders for our turkeys, crowns and roosters need to be booked in by the end of Thursday.

Do not fret though, you do still have time on your side if you live in London and can collect from us in EC1.

The deadline for these turkey orders is 14th December. The shop will also have plenty of our usual stock in - including ribs of beef, pork and lamb joints, and your usual festive sundries. Oh and steak! Let's not forget the steak.

You can order online via click and collect. Or you can just give Tom a call on 020 7837 1781 - or email ec1@turnerandgeorge.co.uk -  and he and the team will out sort the rest.

Remember, it always pays to go the extra mile at this time of year, for fear of being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

If you do start hallucinating on Christmas Eve, due to an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard or a crumb of cheese, it won't be down to us.

Well, if you've bought a few bottles of St John wine from the shop, we might be accountable.

But only just.

The T&G Team