1. A Visit to Boyton Farm, Wiltshire

    A Visit to Boyton Farm, Wiltshire

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    Picture this; the rolling Salisbury hills, short stems of yellow straw jutting from the ground and ginormous stacks of the bales that they made dotted around the fields. They stand out against the landscape, under crisp and luscious blue skies scattered with cloud. There isn’t a soul around, except for me, Danny and Caroline Wheatley Hubbard, the wonderful lady who...
  2. An Interview with Mat in his Meatopia hat

    An Interview with Mat in his Meatopia hat

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    Mat Kemp is one of the three Directors at Turner & George alongside Richard and James, but as some of you will know, they are the same trio behind London food festival Meatopia. Here we catch Mat at the T&G HQ kitchen table to talk through what's going to be big at Meatopia 2017. So Mat, in just under a few...
  3. Legacy Grazing

    Legacy Grazing

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    There is nothing quite like a good ol’ ramble and meander in the open countryside, is there. As well as the benefit of exercise, it is scientifically proven that walking eases stress. And by re-establishing a connection with nature, we can bring about an inner zen or peace that is often missing from our lives. Unless of course, your...
  4. Father's Day Feasting - sorted.

    Father's Day Feasting - sorted.

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    On Father's Day, the whole point is simply to give you dear ol' Dad (or Grandad) the chance to put his feet up, perhaps pour him a beer and forgive him just this once over his propensity to fall asleep in the armchair and snore the house down; just like he does every Sunday whilst the roast is on the...
  5. How to cook the 'perfect' steak with Food Urchin

    How to cook the 'perfect' steak with Food Urchin

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    Call me base and elemental but out of all the necessary dishes to master, being able to cook a steak and to cook it well, features highly on my list. Perhaps higher than honing your ability to make a crispy bacon sandwich. Or say, to construct a decent roast dinner. Of course, there are pitfalls along the way to achieving...