1. Same Day Steak Is Here

    Same Day Steak Is Here

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    We have had long held a dream over at T&G Towers. One that was formulated way back in 2013. Along the way, there has been much wringing of hands, rubbing of strained brows and plenty of screwed up pieces of paper thrown in the bin. It hasn't been easy. But finally, we've done it. We have fulfilled that dream and...
  2. Richard H. Turner's UK Ex-Dairy Sirloin with Bone Marrow and Horseradish

    Richard H. Turner's UK Ex-Dairy Sirloin with Bone Marrow and Horseradish

    New Products Recipes By Richard H Turner
    When you have a cut or joint of decent meat, apart from applying some unadulterated seasoning, should you really worry about anything else? It's a good question but from our point of view, the easy answer is no. Let the meat do the talking for itself. Especially when it is sourced from UK ex-dairy cattle. In terms of...
  3. Introducing - Iberico Pluma

    Introducing - Iberico Pluma

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    One of the greatest joys of walking into a butchers, has to be the time spent simply perusing the counter and working out what you fancy taking away for the night.  Of course, some people do walk in with a solid agenda and a huge lump of rib-eye on their minds. Quite often it's a case of 'Wham, bang, thank...
  4. Old UK Cow Launches At T&G

    Old UK Cow Launches At T&G

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    For some time now, as many of you will be aware, we have been at the forefront of promoting and selling Spanish beef, both online and in the shop. This gloriously full-flavoured and densely marbled meat, sourced from the hills of Galicia and the cider lands of the Basque country, is rather special; for the simple reason that it comes...
  5. Father's Day Feasting - sorted.

    Father's Day Feasting - sorted.

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    On Father's Day, the whole point is simply to give you dear ol' Dad (or Grandad) the chance to put his feet up, perhaps pour him a beer and forgive him just this once over his propensity to fall asleep in the armchair and snore the house down; just like he does every Sunday whilst the roast is on the...