Just in time for the August Bank Holiday, we have some great news to share in form of another collaborative effort with a restaurant that we all highly admire here at T&G.

With both our hearts and our stomachs.

Yes, this time we are teaming up with Brigadiers London and will be delivering some of their signature dishes, created using our cuts, in a limited-edition BBQ box that will be available for one week only.

Inspired by the army mess bars of India, where military regiments go to eat, drink, and socialise; the food and drink that Brigadiers offers is very much up our street.

Think classic tandoor cooking, rotisserie, and grilling on charcoal - coupled with cocktails on tap and an extensive selection of whisky - and well, you soon get where we are coming from.

(Actually, one of our absolute favourites on the menu are the Brigadiers Chapli goat sliders and legend has it that Mat inhaled 8 of these Peshwari delicacies in a row before coming back up for air. True story.)

As per usual, we are organising this as a drop sale. Meaning that we will be releasing only a small number of boxes per day for purchase - running from Monday 24th August to Friday 28th August.

The really important information of course, should focus on the contents inside, which goes as follows:

4 x Tandoori Lamb Chops

12 x Original BBQ Butter Chicken Wings

2 x Achari Beef Shortribs

4 x Goat Chapli Burgers

4 x Garlic Naan Breads

1 x jar of Green Chilli Chutney

1 x jar of Ghee

1 x jar of Kebab Masala

That is one hell of a mixed grill and will have your neighbours clambering over the fence over the Bank Holiday. So, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, be warned.

Priced at £75.00 per box, the first batch of 20 goes live at 10AM next Monday.

Get ready.

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