So, we popped up to the Fens on the border of Cambridgeshire last week, to visit our friends at Holly Lodge Farm, who will be working closely with us to bring something extra special to the table. And there is a lot in the pipeline - including the introduction of some beef from pure breed Hereford.

We won't lie. It was cold enough to freeze the you-know-whats off a brass monkey but such is our dedication to sourcing native and rare-breed meat, we will always go the extra mile and in all weather conditions.

There was a couple of educational elements to the trip too, as there is a great project going on in the region with regards to land management and wildlife restoration through animal husbandry, along with diversification in farming. All stories soon to be featured on the T&G blog.

The main draw though was visiting Chris Wilkinson of Wildfell Farm who is currently rearing some exceptional cattle out on that wide open landscape.

Namely Aberdeen Angus crossed with Wagyu, reared entirely outdoors.

Now, a lot of fervour is generated about Wagyu but perhaps it is a little too fatty for UK palates - yes, there can be such a thing. However, with the introduction of hardy Angus and it's inherent natural marbling, Chris believes that this combination produces just the right blend, to deliver beef not only packed with flavour but also a fine degree of most excellent succulence.

Yep, we're waxing lyrical here but the samples we've tasted do speak for themselves.

We are a little way off yet but late April is looking like a good bet for the arrival of this beef and we shall holding a 'Meet the Producer' event at EC1 to showcase.

Hopefully, it should have warmed up a touch by then and we can ditch the long johns.

(By God we could have done with a pair last week.)

More to come soon.

Aberdeen Angus Wagyu

Geoff Warringer, of Holly Lodge Farm, gives the low down on 'conformation' .