In the immortal and slightly paraphrased words of John Lennon, another year is now over and a new one has just begun. Yes, January 2018 is here and as a result, a lot of you right now will be carrying out resolutions, making small lifestyle changes and heading into uncharted territories. Many of you may even be having a crack at Veganuary, taking the pledge to remove all animal products from your diet - for at least a month.

Here at Turner & George, whilst we cannot fully condone this message (we would be out of business) we do fully support the idea of eating less meat. Since our inception, our mantra has always been to encourage people to eat high quality, ethically sourced meat. But in moderation. Make that rib roast or prime bird the star of your week. Rather than dine out daily, on cheap mince, of unknown origin.

So, in a way, we like to promote a sort of flexi-veganism. Or a varied and sensible diet in other words. With the full complement of vitamins, minerals and proteins from vegetables, fruit, nuts and fats, etc.

And the occasional juicy Galician sirloin steak, aged for 40 days.

But if you have decided to go all out this month and have even bought the hemp shirt in the January sales, here are some tips to help you along the way.

  1. Don’t go in too hard! Don’t show off to your mates with how much asparagus, sweet potato and mooli you can smash into your face in 5 mins – take it easy and pace yourself. Over-egg the pudding and the results could be disastrous. Our mate, Dermot, tried Veganuary last year and ate 2kgs of kohlrabi in one sitting. We didn’t see him for days after that.
  2. Go easy on the carbs. Apparently, we all love quinoa, but don’t forget to mix it up a bit with a few lentils, or some buckwheat maybe. Hey, you may even have some of those Carlin Black Eyed Peas (or whatever they’re called) in the back of your cupboard. Check the use-by date though. You probably bought them in Whole Foods in 2011.
  3. Speaking of pulses, remember to soak your mung beans, haricots and chickpeas for a least 96 hours first, before boiling for another 2 weeks. This may sound like an absurd amount of time. But this gives you the bonus of adding ingredients daily, to add levels and levels of flavour. Think a dunking of star anise here, a grating of lemon zest there, a scoop of marrowbone even!
  4. Ease yourself in. Don’t dump the protein on day 1 – wind it down on gradually over a few days. Even if this means slipping in some lardons of Cumberland streaky bacon into your warm beetroot and butternut squash tabbouleh, or perhaps adding a Barnsley chop to your vegetable Rogan Josh. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us.
  5. Be prepared for hallucinations, particularly by week 3. As your body adjusts, numerous everyday objects will shape-shift before your very eyes. A tea towel, casually thrown on the kitchen counter can easily morph into a piece of bavette. The plump fronds of your yucca plant will begin to resemble sausages at some point. And your dog’s plastic, squeaky, pork chop will never look tastier.

But if you do get in trouble and need a high-quality protein fix, just tweet us on social, using the hashtag - #MEATMERGENCY - with your location or postcode, and we’ll get straight back to you with the nearest place* for a high quality ethically reared meat fix.

Let’s be careful out there.

*This is likely to be located in EC1, or we will direct you to our dedicated online service.