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  • Brined Pork Shanks

    Brined Pork Shanks

    Braising cut

    A great value option. Pre-brined, so suitable for boiling and baking, the pork shanks are great served hot or cold...

    2 x 1.3kg Green - £13.65
    (£6.30 per kg)
  • Kid Goat Cutlets

    Kid Goat Cutlets

    Grilling or Frying

    An increasingly popular meat, Goat is a low cholesterol and...

    1kg - £17.00
    (£17.00 per kg)
  • Pig Trotters

    Pig Trotters

    Wrapped in twos

    From the forequarter, these are like secret weapons. A once discarded cut that has so much internal flavour, it really...

    2x750g split - £5.50
    2x750g whole - £5.50
    (£3.70 per kg)
  • Pork Belly

    Pork Belly

    Roasting cut

    The ideal fat to meat ratio of this pork classic ensures a deep rich flavour after slow roasting. Sensational bone-in...

    1kg - £9.25
    2kg - £18.50
    (£9.25 per kg)
  • Pork Blade

    Pork Blade

    Roasting joint

    From the shoulder, this is an unusual cut and often overlooked. Slow cook this until the meat just falls from the bone...

    2kg - £13.80
    (£6.80 per kg)
  • Pork Breast Ribs

    Pork Breast Ribs

    Roast, braise or grill

    Cut from the breast with a generous covering of meat, these are ideal slow roasted in a special sauce or simply...

    1kg - £9.25
    2.5kg - £23.10
    (£9.25 per kg)
  • Pork Butt

    Pork Butt

    Roast or braise

    From the upper shoulder, this value cut has US origins but is now gaining popularity here. Full of deep flavour this...

    2.5kg - £23.10
    4kg - £37.00
    (£9.25 per kg)
  • Pork Escalopes

    Pork Escalopes

    Wrapped in fours

    Taken from the topside of pork, these escalopes are cut thin and make an ideal cut to breadcrumb for Schnitzel...

    4 x 250g - £9.25
    (£9.25 per kg)
  • Pork Leg Roast

    Pork Leg Roast

    Roasting joint

    A leaner cut commonly used for gammons, but still a great roast option. The layer of rind we leave in helps baste the...

    1kg - £9.60
    2kg - £19.20
    3kg - £28.80
    (£9.60 per kg)
  • Pork Loin Cutlets

    Pork Loin Cutlets

    Grill, roast or braise

    From the sirloin this is a chunky bone-in, rind-on chop with a generous layer of fat to help baste while cooking...

    4 x 300g - £12.60
    (£10.50 per kg)
  • Pork Loin Ribs

    Pork Loin Ribs

    Roast, braise or grill

    Cut from the loin, their tasty meat is contained between the bones so be prepared to get messy! These baby back ribs...

    2 x 500g - £8.65
    (£8.65 per kg)
  • Pork Rib Chops

    Pork Rib Chops

    Grill, roast or braise

    Cut from the neck, the beauties have a higher fat content than their loin counterparts so make a juicy, flavoursome alternative...

    4 x 200g - £6.70
    (£8.40 per kg)
  • Pork Rind

    Pork Rind

    Roast or fry

    Homemade crackling makes a good pork roast dinner great. This way you can have as much as you want and as crispy as you like!...

    1kg - £3.40
    (£3.40 per kg)
  • Pork Shanks

    Pork Shanks

    Roast or braise

    From the hind, an often underused cut, these are great value and big enough to share. Roasted slowly or boiled...

    2 x 1kg - £10.00
    (£5.00 per kg)
  • Pork Tenderloin

    Pork Tenderloin

    Roast, grill or braise

    From the sirloin, the fillet is the most underused muscle and is therefore most tender. There’s so much you can do with this cut...

    500g - £9.00
    (£18.00 per kg)
  • Racked Pork Sirloin

    Racked Pork Sirloin

    Roasting joint

    An impressive table centrepiece. From the loin with trimmed bones for added presentation...

    1.2kg - £13.85
    2kg (un-trimmed) - £23.10
    600g - £6.95
    (£11.00 per kg)
  • Rolled Gammon

    Rolled Gammon

    Roast or boil

    Cured in the same way as our bacon, our gammons come from the hind legs of the pigs. The main difference...

    1kg - £13.00
    2kg - £26.00
    (£13.00 per kg)
  • Rolled Pork Shoulder

    Rolled Pork Shoulder

    Roasting joint

    A very fashionable pork roasting joint, gaining popularity and offering great value...

    1kg - £7.50
    2kg - £15.00
    4kg - £30.00
    (£7.50 per kg)
  • Rolled Pork Sirloin

    Rolled Pork Sirloin

    Roasting joint

    The classic pork roasting joint. Deboned from the loin, we left the oh so important rind on...

    1.5kg - £17.30
    750g - £8.65
    (£11.55 per kg)