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  • Beef Bones Gravy

    Beef Bones Gravy

    A rich reduction made with beef bones from a skilfully timed reduction... 

    250g Bag - £3.35
    (£13.00 per kg)
  • Chicken Bones Gravy

    Chicken Bones Gravy

    A robust poultry gravy made with chicken bones and vegetables and... 

    250g Bag - £3.35
  • Kimchi Ketchup

    Kimchi Ketchup

    Korean Style Sauce

    Freshly made to Richard's recipe, this Korean style sauce packs a punch....

    (£20.00 per kg)
  • Trotter Gear by St John

    Trotter Gear by St John

    An invaluable reduction of shredded trotters, stock and vegetables by our friends at St. John...

    Trotter Gear - £6.99