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Our own range of delicious rubs, marinades and sauces, traditionally made gravies and preserves.
  • Beef Bones Gravy

    Beef Bones Gravy

    A rich reduction made with beef bones from a skilfully timed reduction... 

    250g Bag - £3.15
    (£13.00 per kg)
  • Beef Dripping

    Beef Dripping

    The essential ingredient for creating the perfect Yorkshire pud or batch of proper chips...

    500g - £1.20
    (£2.40 per kg)
  • Billy Frank's Beef Jerky

    Billy Frank's Beef Jerky

    Flavours: Christ on a Bike, Fiery Fajita, Sweet Sour Spicy

    Christ on a Bike - £3.00
    Fiery Fajita - £3.00
    Sweet Sour Spicy - £3.00
  • Billy Frank's Jerky

    Billy Frank's Jerky

    Flavours: Roast Beef and Mustard, Buffalo Hot Wing, Teriyaki

    Buffalo Hot Wings - £3.00
    Roast Beef and Mustard - £3.00
    Teriyaki - £3.00
  • Billy Frank's Jerky

    Billy Frank's Jerky

    Flavours: Cheeseburger, Texas BBQ

    Cheeseburger - £3.00
    Texan BBQ - £3.00
  • Chicken Bones Gravy

    Chicken Bones Gravy

    A robust poultry gravy made with chicken bones and vegetables and... 

    250g Bag - £3.15
  • Christ on a bike sauce

    Christ on a bike sauce

    200ml bottle

    Hand-made by our good friend The Ribman from naga jolokia chilli peppers, this sauce is not for the faint hearted.

    200ml - £10.00
  • Demi-Brioche Burger Buns

    Demi-Brioche Burger Buns

    These delicious demi-brioche burger buns are made for us by artisan baker Marcus Miller to Richard’s specifications...

    Pack 4 - £3.35
  • Doreen's Black Pudding

    Doreen's Black Pudding

    Made in Yorkshire to a secret family recipe by Arthur Haigh and his wife Doreen, the puds are baked...

    250g - £2.10
    (£8.00 per kg)
  • HOG by Richard H Turner

    HOG by Richard H Turner

    Proper Pork Recipes

    Hog is a celebration of all things pig - from breeds and rearing, to butchering and preparing, with techniques, features and more than 150 recipes for nose to tail eating.

    Signed copy - £20.00
  • I HEART T&G T-Shirt

    I HEART T&G T-Shirt

    Various sizes/colours

    Adult - £15.00
    Kids - £10.00
  • Kimchi Ketchup

    Kimchi Ketchup

    Korean Style Sauce

    Freshly made to Richard's recipe, this Korean style sauce packs a punch....

    (£20.00 per kg)
  • MacSween Traditional Haggis

    MacSween Traditional Haggis

    MacSween Haggis have been made to the same recipe for 60 years...

    1.8kg (For 8) - £14.25
    454g (For 2) - £4.40
    907g (For 4) - £7.15
  • MEAT T-Shirt

    MEAT T-Shirt

    Various sizes/colours

    So very true...

    Adult - £15.00
  • Preserved Bone Marrow

    Preserved Bone Marrow

    Salted and preserved at high temperature in it's own jar, our Preserved Bone Marrow can be stirred into gravies and sauces, and is delicious grilled onto toast. Now 50% bigger jars!...

    150g - £7.85
  • T&G Classic Steak Rub

    T&G Classic Steak Rub

    Massage this special blend of salts, spices and natural sugars into your steak prior to cooking to enhance its natural flavour...

    150 Refill - £3.95
    150g Jar - £4.55
  • T&G Lamb & Mutton Rub

    T&G Lamb & Mutton Rub

    Designed specifically for our Lamb & Mutton, this blend of salts, spices and natural sugars will enhance its natural flavour.

    150g Jar - £4.55
    150g Refill - £3.95
  • T&G Meat Bag

    T&G Meat Bag


    A bag for all your meaty needs, this luxury cotton tote bag has it's use printed in bold....

  • T&G Spicy Pig Rub

    T&G Spicy Pig Rub

    Designed specifically for our Rare Breed Pork, this blend of salts, spices and natural sugars will bring out the flavour with a little kick...

    150g Jar - £4.55
    150g Refill Pouch - £3.95
  • T&G Tasty Bird Rub

    T&G Tasty Bird Rub

    Blended to perfectly compliment our T&G Birds, this mix of sugars, smoked salt and spices will bring out the delicious natural flavour of the Ross chicken...

    150g Jar - £4.55
    150g Refill - £3.95