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  • Diced Mutton Leg

    Diced Mutton Leg

    Braising Cut

    Lean cuts from the leg muscle, diced evenly by hand. More deeply flavoured than Lamb, it's great in high quality curries, stews and casseroles...

    1kg - £11.90
    (£11.90 per kg)
  • Mutton Chops

    Mutton Chops

    Wrapped in eights

    A Victorian classic, tender: full of flavour and hugely versatile. From the simplest curry to a complex casserole...

    8 x 100g - £9.25
    (£11.55 per kg)
  • Mutton Leg

    Mutton Leg

    Roasting joint

    our most popular roasting joint, with the bone left in the flavours intensify and the meat develops a deeper...

    1.5kg - £17.30
    3kg - £34.65
    (£11.55 per kg)
  • Mutton Loin

    Mutton Loin

    Roasting joint

    With all the flavour of Mutton, this joint contains the sirloin and fillet. Left with the bone in, carving can be tricky but more than worth it...

    1kg - £13.85
    (£13.85 per kg)
  • Mutton Shoulder

    Mutton Shoulder

    Roasting joint

    A great alternative to the leg with extra fat, the shoulder can offer a blend of flavours....

    1.25kg - £10.50
    2.5kg - £21.00
    (£8.40 per kg)