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  • Bone-in Lamb Rumps

    Bone-in Lamb Rumps

    Wrapped in twos

    Full of intense flavour anyway – we’ve left the bone in for even more flavour. Naturally tender but with an added...

    2 x 500g - £11.00
    (£11.00 per kg)
  • Lamb Henrys

    Lamb Henrys

    Wrapped in twos

    Thick cut, bone in steaks taken from the centre of the leg. Ideally grilled to pink, make a simple but effective...

    2 x 250g - £11.15
    2 x 350g - £15.60
    (£22.30 per kg)
  • Lamb Rib eyes

    Lamb Rib eyes

    Wrapped in fours

    Fillets from the neck were never a traditional British butcher’s choice but over recent years de-boned versions of this delicious cut...

    4 x 170g - £17.00
    (£25.00 per kg)
  • Lamb Rumps

    Lamb Rumps

    Wrapped in twos

    Another Gastropub favourite, so amazingly popular. Full of intense flavour, this cut is naturally tender but does have an added...

    2 x 250g - £15.25
    (£30.50 per kg)
  • Lamb T-bones

    Lamb T-bones

    Wrapped in sixes

    Our version of a Lamb Chop, a versatile loin cut with the added inner fillet. Simply prepared on the bone to intensify the flavour...

    6 x 150g - £15.65
    (£17.40 per kg)
  • Rolled Lamb Sirloins

    Rolled Lamb Sirloins

    Roasting cuts

    Another fine dining favourite. The tender eye of meat from the loin, wrapped in a layer of fat to baste and add flavour...

    4 x 150g - £19.95
    (£33.30 per kg)