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  • Diced Lamb Leg

    Diced Lamb Leg

    Braising Cut

    Lean cuts from the leg muscle, diced evenly by hand. Perfect for skewers or high quality curries and slow cooking...

    1kg - £19.00
    (£19.00 per kg)
  • Diced Lamb Shoulder

    Diced Lamb Shoulder

    Braising Cut

    Similar to our diced leg, but with a little extra fat content – perfect for those braised dishes that can often dry out...

    1kg - £17.20
    (£17.20 per kg)
  • Ground lamb

    Ground lamb

    Stews, casseroles & pies

    Using only lean cuts from the shoulder with all gristle and connective membrane removed...

    1kg - £9.60
    1kg Coarse - £9.60
    2kg - £18.20
    (£9.60 per kg)
  • Hind shanks

    Hind shanks

    Wrapped in twos

    This hindquarter cut suits slow roasting, stewing and braising. A regular on most Gastropub menus, the Lamb shank has gained popularity over recent years

    2 x 450g - £15.00
    (£16.70 per kg)
  • Lamb scrag end

    Lamb scrag end

    Wrapped in slices

    This is one of the most underused forequarter cuts yet can be one of the most effective. Suitable for very long, slow, moist braising...

    1kg - £8.40
    (£8.40 per kg)