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Q: Where does your meat come from?

A: Our meat is sourced from various farms and smallholdings around the UK. We have personal and longstanding relationships with our farmers, and can guarantee the provenance of all our meat. We know and have visited the fields and pastures that our animals lived on, and know that they went from there to slaughter, and then directly to us.

Q: Has your meat ever been frozen?

A: No. It all comes fresh from the slaughter house and is then aged for the relevant times in our drying room. This makes it ideal for home freezing. If you know in advance that you will be freezing certain cuts, you can ask for them to be vacuum packed. Just let us know in the special requests field on the delivery page.


Q: How long will your meat keep for in the fridge?

A: All our meat is printed with an individual use-by date on the label as the cut is wrapped. For more information on meat storage, including tips on freezing, click here.


Q: Can you deliver next day?

A: You can order for next day delivery in London up until 8pm the evening before as long as there are still delivery slots available. Friday and Saturdays are generally busier than the rest of the week so we advise booking early for these slots. Next day delivery is not possible to the rest of mainland UK. We only deliver Wednesday through Friday to mainland UK and you need to order 48 hours in advance.